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I believe that patients are the best experts on their own problems. I work with patients with all major forms of mental illness.

My role is to use my skills to help my patients to achieve their highest potential and live satisfied and productive lives.

I use an eclectic approach to therapy and healing based on a thorough initial exam and collaborative treatment planning with my patients.

I take a family systems approach with both individuals and families. I believe in setting goals and working toward specific mutually agreed upon goals as a key component of therapy.

My work has also been influenced by the research of Milton Ericksen in that I may use storytelling and indirect suggestion to help my patients.

I've studied all kinds of healing approaches from ancient to contemporary, and am comfortable with holistic and alternative health care interventions.

I'm also especially skilled in pharmacotherapy and medication management.

November 21, 2017

Announcements & Helpful Links

National Alliance on Mental Illness
America's largest grassroots organization for mentally ill persons and their families.

Medline Plus
A US government sponsored site that offers valuable consumer health information.

A nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people who need assistance paying for their medications.

American Sleep Association
Patient teaching materals on sleep problems.

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