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I grew up in a large pioneering family in Texas but moved to Seattle in my early 20s. I graduated cum laude with my BSN from Seattle University in 1985 and spent the next 15 years in acute care psychiatric nursing in teaching hospitals, especially University of Washington Hospital and Harborview Medical Center.

At University Hospital I was a member of the family assessment team and learned to use family therapy to assist families through crisis. At Harborview I worked on all 4 psychiatric units including the Psychiatric Intensive Care unit and the Psychiatric Emergency Services department. In the Harborview milieu I learned to work with patients and families in severe crisis receiving psychiatric care on an involuntary basis.

After I earned my Master's degree and ARNP credential, I went to work at the Seattle Indian Health Board where I satisfied a life long yearning to learn more about Native American people, culture, and psychiatric conditions.

After a year at the Health Board, I took a job as an attending at Navos Inpatient Services (formerly West Seattle psychiatric hospital).

I completed a doctor of philosophy degree in Nursing at the University of Washington where my dissertation research had to do with how inequality in health care may affect the design and implementation of information systems used in clinical settings.

November 21, 2017

Announcements & Helpful Links

National Alliance on Mental Illness
America's largest grassroots organization for mentally ill persons and their families.

Medline Plus
A US government sponsored site that offers valuable consumer health information.

A nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people who need assistance paying for their medications.

American Sleep Association
Patient teaching materals on sleep problems.

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